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If you have decided to raise capital and bring in shareholders then there are many things you need to get right

At what stage are you?

There are different structures for raising capital depending on where you are in the cycle. 

Seed and pre-seed capital is higher risk and is raised when the business is not worth much – so getting the structure right is a challenge.

Once growth can be seen, we get into the bigger raises – Series A, B, C etc.  Now focus starts to change to control and when and how to exit.

»  Know how to structure your capital raise

»   What and how to pitch to investors – use the AIDA model

»   Justifying the valuation in a capital raise is very different to exits

»   Why the exit is critical in structuring a capital raise.

»   And a host of other issues…..


No matter where you are in your journey, we can help advise on how to raise capital, both strategically, tactically and legally.

Having helped many startups with their capital raising journey we can craft your strategy and help execute it.  Having raised over $5m in smaller lots, we know how to go about raising capital..

Here are a few issues to think about,

»  What is the problem you are solving?
»  What differentiates your solution?
»  Do you have any real customer stories to back up your pitch?
»  What numbers should I include in the pitch?

Then there are the questions that surface as a founder:

»  What is my business really worth?
»  How do I remain legal raising capital?
»  What should I offer for the capital – equity, con notes, options?
»  What role does a shareholders agreement play in capital raising?
»  Do I need a Board?
»  How do I find investors?
»  Do I need a data room?

So what are you waiting for, get the answers to these and more with a no obligation FREE 60 minute session with me…

Copperstone Capital has an online process for contacting and presenting your business to potential investors, whilst keeping your name confidential, Our interaction with potential investors is built on a modern digital marketing process that uses a combination of modern technology and old fashioned personal contact.  We will manage all NDA, access to an online marketing hub and a data room for you.

Talk to us NOW for a no obligation 60 minute session where we can go over where you are at and the steps you need to take to maximise your Capital Raising success.