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Raising Capital and Exiting are two times your startup can be shipwrecked.

Let Copperstone Capital make it plain sailing

Starting a tech business is hard, we get that;  the joy of your first sale, the rejection from that ideal investor.   Then there are all the new skills to learn and the jargon, MVP, Scaling, PLM, runways, CAC, LTV….the list goes on.

But in this journey there are some significant shipwrecks to avoid.  Getting your capital raises right can impact the success of your whole business.  Getting them wrong and you could end up in the 70% of startups  that fail.

Similarly, when it comes time to exit, you better have done the hard yards in your exit plan to maximise your value.


Dear Founders
We get it!

Growing a start-up is hard.
You are probably wondering where your next dollar of capital is going to come from, when will the runway run out…

Lying awake, wondering how you are going to afford next weeks salary bill, and that’s before you get paid.

And to top it all off

You are being pulled in a bazillion different directions, Scale the tech, help desks, churn, building the sales pipeline, managing the staff, managing your partners, managing the investors, looking for new investors, looking for tech help……

Most founders are bombarded with advice,
– How to build an MVP
– How to scale
– How to Raise Capital
– How to build a team
Soon your to do list is longer than Ben Hur.

But what really keeps you up at night is the knowledge that well over 70% of start-ups fail.
There are windows that open when you can get a good EXIT, and then there are times that the business can only be sold for a loss, or even not sold at all.

Wouldn’t you sleep better at night If you knew exactly when those windows were coming for you?

Knowing what you had to do to jump through them?

Thinking of the millions in the bank after a successful EXIT?

The good news: we can help you plan for these windows, the bad news: you need to start now, and Capital Raises are a critical decision point in your journey. So whether you are thinking about EXITS or thinking about a Capital Raise:

Soon you will have the ROADMAP to success.

You will be in control, knowing exactly what you have to do and when.

And it all starts with you choosing your adventure below:

Raising Capital

*The second largest reason why startups fail (29% of cases) is due to running out of funding and personal money. – CBInsights 

*one in four businesses, surveyed by the NSBA (USA), were not able to receive the funding they required, which led to limiting the growth of their business. Fundera

Raising Capital is the lifeblood of a tech startup.  The main uses of capital in the early stages of a startup are to build the product (or continue building the product), acquiring new customers or to cover the overheads whilst the sales are built.  Although some startups are bootstrapped, most SaaS and PaaS companies need funding to grow quickly.

Being able to demonstrate viability at scale is a critical element of the pitch, as is the timing and size of an exit.  Many pitch decks fail to address the problem being solved, are short of goto market strategies and are missing a credible exit strategy.

Copperstone Capital can help increase the odds of getting funding with a strong Capital Raising process, starting with the cap raise strategy, IM and Pitch Decks.  Investor engagement using our email and platform increases the number of investors that can be approached.

Selling your Startup

Less than 20% of startups  have an Exit.

Not planning your EXIT is like playing roulette, you may be lucky but the house wins the percentage. As a founder, you can MAXIMISE your return with an Early Exit IF it is well planned. Getting a great EXIT is like finding a minor road off the freeway when you are hurtling along at 110kph. Without a map you will be past the EXIT before you see it.

Most M&A advisors are opportunistic. They research the market and try to find a fit between a buyer and seller.
We are different.
We work exclusively with sellers.
We work to build an EXIT plan that will work for you.
We will tell you if you need to pivot to be able to EXIT.
We want YOU to win.

Whether you are Raising Capital or want to Exit, the process is similar.  You need to put together a compelling story about the business, your need to be able to approach investors or potential buyers and pitch the business and you need a strong due diligence process followed by a close.

Copperstone Capital has your back throughout this process.

Bring a legally compliant framework to the problem (Capital Raises)

We have deep strategic expertise to pinpoint the benefits of the transaction to the other party

Experience in pitch decks and Information memorandums

A unique outbound marketing process with associated secure websites for the display of the marketing material.  Reports on conversions etc.

We will assist you structure and set up a data room for due diligence

We run the process with you, co-ordinating the other party, lawyers and accountants.

We close the deals with you and we then celebrate the wins.

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