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Are You Ready To Be Paid A High Multiple For Your Business And Exit With A Big Pay Day?
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The Exit Road Map

In this book you will find out:
If you want to sell your business, you will find many secrets to maximising the value in this book. In it, you’ll discover:

  • How your business value will be determined (it’s not just a simple multiple)
  • How to realise your business’s value and use it to build wealth (useful 2-3 years out, but also important if you are ready for sale now)
  • The best ways to structure your business according to a potential buyer’s needs (put yourself in the buyer’s shoes)
  • What traps to avoid so you can earn the maximum return on your business sale

Contents of the book:


Secret #1: What Is My Business Worth?

Secret #2: Identifying Buyers

Secret #3: The Drivers Of Financial Value

Secret #4: Understanding Business Leverage

Secret #5: Unlocking The Sales Process

Secret #6: Finding The Timebombs (Preparing For Due Diligence)

Secret #7: Timing Your Exit

Secret #8: Managing Workouts

Secret #9: Mastering The Personal Cost Of The Exit

Secret #10: Using An Advisor

Praise for the Author:

“Oscar has been involved with a start-up company of mine for the last five years, helping us raise capital and navigate the pitfalls of a startup business.

I have known Oscar for over 20 years, and he is very experienced in business and strategy with the ability to think laterally in solving problems.  He has often challenged our thinking and is often proved right. 

If you are thinking of selling your business, Oscar is the person to have in your corner.”

John Edwards, Executive Chair, m-pupa Holdings Ltd.

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Oscar Jones is a leading Corporate advisor in Sydney.  He is a master at achieving the highest return from a business sale. For over 35 years, he has been sought as an expert in financial and non-financial management by business owners.

Oscar’s strength is showing business owners how to sell their high-earning businesses for the highest possible return.

This is your opportunity to benefit from Oscar’s expertise and knowledge. As a business owner who is seriously considering selling your business within the next three years or maybe just received an unsolicited offer to purchase for more than $2 million, a consultation with Oscar will give you the details on how to improve your exit strategy so you can sell your business for many multiples of its earnings.

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We will cover:

How to maximise your value from the sale of your business?

What is your business leverage?

Are you ready for sale?

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