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Startup Valuations using customer based metrics

Valuing a startup, especially one pre-profit, or even pre revenue is notoriously difficult.  Now Copperstone Capital has developed a method, based on ground breaking research into Customer Value at Wharton that allows startups to be valued using a DCF approach.

Exit Planning – getting your ROI up.

It is estimated that only 26% of Tech startups will have a successful Exit, and less than 20% of startups that raise Capital will Exit.  The rest either Fail or turn into Zombie Companies, where low or no growth makes them unattractive to further Capital and to Potential Buyers.  Good planning at least 2 years ahead of the exit is necessary to maximise your Exit value.

Exit Your Business

Once you have made the decision to sell, there are many steps that are needed to ensure the maximum price possible.  Copperstone Capital has a 7 step model that will maximise yoiur chance of a top price.


The Art Of The Exit

In The Art of the Exit, Oscar reveals the ways start-ups can improve their chance of exiting. He argues for more and earlier exits and shows how to make this happen.

The Exit Road Map

In The Exit Road Map, Oscar reveals 10 secrets every business owner must know to successfully sell their business



Preparing or running a due diligence process can be very time consuming.  Time that would be better spent on running the business and meeting budgets.  Copperstone Capital can project manage Due Diligence processes for you, freeing your time.


Copperstone Capital can work with your IPO team to provide insights around valuation and pricing metrics for the IPO.