Sell My Business

The M&A Market is very inefficient. Lack of transparency, lack of depth and no clear valuation methodology means having an advisor to help negotiate the process is critical to maximising your value.

We follow a proven seven step process to ensure that you get the maximum value from your business sale.

The key is in the Market Preparation. Here we look at the business for sale through the eyes of the buyer. We have a complete business planning process to identify the value proposition for the buyer. What bits of the business are valuable, what bits are neutral and what bits reduce value?

Spending time putting together bespoke documentation that speaks to the buyer can be a key differentiator in setting up real added value from the business sale.

90% of business owners will get less than they expect when they sell their business. So what distinguishes the remaining successful 10%? Successful sales need three things:

1. Get the fundamentals of the business in place.

The basic documentation of a sale includes your leases, profit & loss statements, employment contracts, asset registers and many other legal and financial documents that are required to ensure the business can pass due diligence (the process of looking under the hood).

In assembling these documents, we are conducting our own due diligence to uncover any skeletons that can make the due diligence process go off the rails.

2. Focus on building a saleable business.

We have identified 7 value drivers. These drivers are described in my book “The Exit Road Map”.

If you build a business that scores highly on the 7 value drivers, it is likely that your business will be more valuable.

More importantly, if you score low then your business might not be saleable.  Many businesses are too dependent on the owner (one of the value drivers) and if this is the case, then buyers will be put off .

Next, your business leverage needs to be identified – what is it that will attract buyers to your business and encourage them to pay a high multiple?

3. Find a great advisory team.

Just like house auctions, creating a competitive tension between buyers and following a strict sales process can result in higher offers.

Having an adviser that manages the process from putting the business on the market to qualifying potential buyers to negotiating the sale and handling the due diligence and close process is critical.