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If you are ready to sell now, or maybe you have an unsolicited offer? Don't delay, it can take 6 months or more to get the average business ready for sale. We can help.

Selling your startup is a momentous occasion.

This is where you get the big payoff for all those years of hard work.  It is where your investors realise their ROI.

Yet, selling your startup can start years before.

The ideal situation is to have multiple suitors, all with deep pockets, desperate to acquire you. Yet that hardly ever happens – why?

»  The big suitors don’t know you – the world is a big place

»   You are too big or too small for the incumbents to worry

»   You accept an unsolicited offer without testing the market

»   You don’t position the business to be attractive to the buyers

»   And a host of other reasons…..


No matter what stage you are at, we can help guide you along the EXIT route. Don’t delay, get in touch with us NOW:

We follow a proven seven step process to ensure that you get the maximum value from your business sale.

The first step is to get the business ready to sell.  Presenting the business from the buyers perspective,

»  What is your magic sauce?
»  Can you back it up?
»  What is the value proposition for the buyer?
»  What should I put in my data room?

Then there are the questions that surface as a founder:

»  What is my business really worth?
»  Am I concerned with what will happen to my business after I sell?
»  I don’t have any experience in selling a business
»  So how do I sell my startup?
»  Am I emotionally ready to sell?
»  Will I continue to work in the business
»  Can I work for a boss?

So what are you waiting for, get the answers to these and more with a no obligation FREE 60 minute session with me…

Copperstone Capital has an online process for contacting and presenting your business to potential buyers, whilst keeping your name confidential, Our interaction with potential buyers is built on a modern digital marketing process that uses a combination of modern technology and old fashioned personal contact.  We will manage all NDA, access to an online marketing hub and a data room for you.

If you have an unsolicited offer, you need to move quickly, but a misstep at the beginning of the process can derail you for years.

Talk to us NOW for a no obligation 60 minute session where we can go over where you are at and the steps you need to take to maximise your EXIT value.

If you are ready to sell, there are 6 actions that you can take to improve your business sale.  Book a session with us and we will give you the 6 actions to improve your business sale during the call.

It often takes six months or more to prepare a business for sale, another 3-6 months to run a successful sale process and then workouts and deferred payments can add another 2 years to the overall process, so starting early is a key.  Start by booking in a 60 minute strategy session with me and we will lay out a plan for the sale of your business including the 6 actions you can take to improve your sale.

Who knows ya Baby?

Do your potential buyers know you?

Do they worry about you taking their customers?

Do you have an offering that compliments their range?

Have you met their CEO?

Would he know you?

Building a marketing campaign for your business is a key part of getting a great price.


Are YOU Ready?

Getting ready means a lot of things:

  1. Get your finances into shape
  2. Documentation
  3. Dealing with the emotional issues around selling

and lots more as well.

So don’t delay, book a call with me NOW and we will lay out a plan of attack, no obligation.

3. Find a great advisory team.

Just like house auctions, creating a competitive tension between buyers and following a strict sales process can result in higher offers.

Having an adviser that manages the process from putting the business on the market to qualifying potential buyers to negotiating the sale and handling the due diligence and close process is critical.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Book a no obligation session now and find out the answers to your questions….

NO OBLIGATION. In this session we will cover developing a marketing plan, the 6 actions you need to do to get the business saleable, how to value the business, what can advisors add to the process and lots lots more…. so don’t delay book now.