Valuation and Exits are the two hardest elements to get right in a Capital Raising Pitch

Valuations to raise capital are a combination of the potential of the business, the stage it is at (risk), the amount of money needed and the effects of dilution.  Some of these are easy to calculate, (eg the effect of dilution), but the hardest is to try to get a handle on the potential value of the business.  Using a Customer centric DCF valuation model, Copperstone Capital has performed a number of these valuations successfully.

A Guide to Investors

What is the difference bewteen Family & Friends, Angels and VC funds.  Which investor group should I target? What returns do each group want?  Read this article if you need to improve your prospecting of investors. 

Trade Sale or an IPO?

Investors invest in startups to get a capital return.  That return for investors, normally comes from a trade sale or an IPO, yet the developmnent of the business needs to be quite different for an IPO than a trade sale.  So which one is right for me?