News, information and articles that could be of interest to owners looking to sell their businesses now and in the future


Are you leaving money on the table when you sell your business?

If your business is not special, if it’s not unique, you will be behind the eight ball when it comes to getting a good offer to purchase.     Read More

Are you leaving money on the table when you sell your business…Part 2.

One thing I do consistently for my clients is put myself in their buyer’s shoes. If I say, “This doesn’t stack up” or “I can’t see a business case coming together for this purchase,” then it may not make any sense to move forward with the deal.  Read more…


How breaking up can add value

Many businesses pursue additional revenue by adding auxilary services to their main core offering, for example implementation services for a software product.  Sonetimes this can detract from the strategic value of the company.  In these cases splitting the company into two can add value.  Read More…

How to build value in a business that doesn’t have strategic assets

What happens if you don’t have a strategic asset that can be sold for many multiples, how can you improve your value?  There are ways to improve the financial valuation when you come to sell.

Copperstone Capital has identified 7 drivers of financial value.  Read more….


Whos Who When Selling

Who can help me sell my business?.  This handy guide to who is involved in the Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)  Scene is a valuable resource for business owners wanting to sell.  Read more…