Copperstone Capital is a micro Corporate Advisory Firm based in Sydney. We specialise in Tech Startups

Copperstone Capital can structure a sales process to maximise business value for you. We are a micro Corporate Advisory M&A firm based in Sydney, Australia, and we work with companies worth up to $50 million. We specialise in

  • Customer Based Valuations of start-ups at any stage
  • Helping Tech Startup founders Exit their business
  • Developing and Maintaining Exit Plans for Tech Startups
  • Input into the Capital Raising process, especially as it affects exits
  • Start-up business strategy – how and when to set up to scale

Copperstone Capital applies the techniques that larger M&A firms use for upper market transactions. We can devise a sales strategy that targets potential buyers whilst maintaining confidentiality.

The principal, Oscar A.C. Jones, is an authority on achieving the highest return from a business sale. For over 35 years, he has consulted in large and small companies.  Oscar uses the insight gained from his experience to present his clients to larger companies in a way that makes buying easy for them.  He is the author of The Exit Roadmap and The Art of the Exit.

Oscar started his career working for PA Consulting Group in Sydney, developing a management-reporting product which merged different types of data to create a full picture of the business, including the ability to see trends happening before they impacted the bottom line.

He left that company to start his own consulting firm, where he was heavily involved in in the shareholder value movement, in which accounting numbers were forsaken and metrics like Economic Value Added (EVA) or Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI) were used, for the first time, to see the impact of a balance sheet on performance.  Oscar worked with a number of leading international companies in that time including Holt Value Associates, BCG and Marakon Associates.

Oscar has developed business cases for a wide range of companies in many industries, including a multi-million M&A transaction in the Railways.  He was the principal driver of the business case behind the Australian Government Carbon Capture and Storage Flagship program and has been involved in over 20  business case or strategy development assignments.

Whether you are a business owner who is seriously considering selling your business within the next three years or you have just received an unsolicited offer to purchase for more than $2 million, you have realised now may be the perfect opportunity for you to leverage true value from your business.

Oscar’s strength is showing business owners how to sell their high-earning businesses for the highest possible return. He outlines the key issues necessary to exit a business successfully and avoid the traps that will result in a disappointing price, or worse, no sale at all.

Oscar has built a strong network of associates who work with him on a regular basis.  Copperstone Capital has access to experts in

  • HR consulting
  • CFO advisory
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • M&A Implementation

Copperstone Capital can build a team or we can work with your advisors to ensure results achieved exceed your expectations.