Copperstone Capital helps Tech Startups with the complete Financial Journey from Capital Raising to Exit

Capital Raising

Decisions taken around Capital Raising can affect the way a business Exits.  Sometimes taking too much Capital early will curtail the ability to take an Early Exit.  It is important that the following issues are addressed before a Capital Raise:

  1. Know what your Capital Table will look like both before and after the proposed Capital Raise.
  2. Understand where your Exit windows are and what sort of valuation they might represent.
  3. Identify the investment model your potential investors use and match to your strategy.

Remember that investors are focussed on people, metrics and risk.  But at the end of the day:

“Investing without an Exit is just Philanthropy”

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Develop Your Exit Strategy

It is estimated that only 26% of Tech startups will have a successful Exit, and less than 20% of startups that raise Capital will Exit.  The rest either Fail or turn into Zombie Companies, where low or no growth makes them unattractive to further Capital and to Potential Buyers.

There are a number of steps that startups need to do to ensure they are prepared to recognise and take advantage of an Exit, all of which can be encompassed in Exit planning.  Founders should always keep an eye on potential exits and be ready when opportunity arises.

Starting from the knowledge gained from selling businesses and over 35 years of consulting experience, Copperstone Capital can help founders negotiate this space.

Exit Your Business

When it comes time to sell your business, you need a good Advisor to help you.  A great Advisor can add many times their fee to your sale price.

  1. Advice on where the M&A market is right now
  2. Help with Valuations – especially strategic valuations
  3. Run a competitive process
  4. Be the shield for the CEO and Management
  5. Manage the process and let the Management continue to run the business.

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