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The Business of Startups
Starting a tech business is exciting. The ideas, customers, tech, building the MVP – this is what founders live for. Yet there are many things that founder’s are generally no good at. Setting up the business, getting contracts right, negotiating shareholder agreements, getting the investor relationships right for the business and finally exiting the business. Yet, these are often the things that go wrong in the journey. Copperstone Capital helps founders get the business of startups done right. We have built the Aussie Founders Hub where you can find out all those business necessities that other accelerators miss. We also provide specific services around Capital Raising and Exits so, when you are ready,we have the means….

Aussie Founders Hub

  • Training
  • Mentor
  • Community


  • Capital Raise
  • Advisory
  • Plan & Execute Exits

Whether you select the Founders Hub or Services these are the areas that we cover:



Business Structure,  How does a business work, requirements of the Corporations Act, Constitutions, Shares, Boards, Directors and Shareholder Agreements

Business Strategy:  How do I learn from Innovation strategy to minimise failure risk?  How do I develop a go to market strategy?  Can I use a Product Led Growth path?

Capital Raising when to do it, who to approach, how to structure, legal framework, what instruments to use, and why.  Why do startups need funding? Can I bootstrap, if so how. What does having investors mean for my business?

Running a business: Record keeping, ASIC fees, Tax Returns, Grants and Rebates, Employment law, contracts, IP protection.  Dealing with bad leavers, managing disputes.




I am interested in the Founder’s Hub

I would like to learn more and I am interested in Mentoring and being part of a community that is focused on business success.



If you are raising Capital – either a Family & Friends round, pre-seed, seed or even a Series A, then find out what you MUST do to ensure an optimal exit.

We will help plan your capital raise with you, then prepare the company for a raise and finally help with the actual raise itself 

RaisingCapital is something founders must be actively involced with, but we can coach you and help you along the way.  



If you have an unsolicited offer PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IMMEDIATELY as there are things you need to do to ensure a successful exit.

If you really want to get a top $ exit, then you must PLAN for one. Reach out and we can talk about EXIT PLANNING.

Finally if you are ready to start the EXIT process, then talk to us about how we can help you.

If you are thinking about Capital Raising, then this course is for you.


Not planning your EXIT is like playing roulette, you may be lucky but the house wins the percentage.
As a founder, you can MAXIMISE your return with an Early Exit IF it is well planned.
Getting a great EXIT is like finding a minor road off the freeway when you are hurtling along at 110kph. Without a map you will be past the EXIT before you see it.
Example: Exit for $10m after 3 years is 238% return on your lost earnings, whereas a $100m exit after 7 years is just 107% return.
Most M&A advisors are opportunistic. They research the market and try to find a fit between a buyer and seller.
We are different.
We work exclusively with sellers.
We work to build an EXIT plan that will work for you.
We will tell you if you need to pivot to be able to EXIT.
We want YOU to win.


Most Founders have a rough idea of what they are going to do to exit.  however many Founders end up exiting because they got an offer.  Now getting an offer is EXCITING.

BUT many times that offer never goes anywhere, indeed the outcome of some unsolicited offers is the transfer of knowledge from the seller to the potential buyer WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT.

Knowing when and how you want to EXIT is part of the strategy, but knowing how to execute is also important, so whether you think your EXIT is tomorrow or 5 years away, the EXIT plan is critical to your success as a Founder.

We have spend many years perfecting the approach to selling, studying what works and what doesn’t, and we have modified the latest in Marketing to be able to MAXIMISE the price you receive for your start-up.

So don’t delay…..

If you want to read more, then download our free book:

Secrets you MUST KNOW to Maximise the Value of YOUR Start-up’s EXIT

In this exclusive report we’ll reveal:

  • The #1 reason why Founders miss their optimal EXIT and spend wasted years on further development!
  • Why you should NEVER trust people who tell you to IPO your start-up and what you should do instead
  • The honest TRUTH about an EXIT and how to make it so much easier than you ever imagined!
  • And much, much more!