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When it comes time to SELL your business,

Trust the EXPERTS

If you are a business owner who is seriously considering selling your business within the next three years.

Or, you have just received an unsolicited offer and realise this may be a unique, golden opportunity for you to leverage the true value from your business.


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Most business owners dream of selling their business and exiting with enough money to never have to work again.

You may have read about businesses that sell for many multiples of their earnings and have started to dream “what if I could sell my business for those multiples…”

That dream can be very much a reality if, and only if, you are willing to follow an exit road map that puts your business into the best position to be sold at the highest price possible.

Copperstone Capital helps business owners and founders understand the exit and the impact that exit has on key stages in the business, from hiring the right people to the strategy of capital raising. We have the experience and understanding to craft an exit strategy that will achieve your aims. When you are ready to exit we can execute for you.…

What we do…

When it comes to selling your business, planning is key

Most owners are not experienced at selling. Up to 80% of businesses offered for sale do not sell. It can take up to 5 years from the time you decide selling is a good idea until you are finally free. Planning an Exit can often double the amount received for the sale. Do not wait until you have to sell, talk to an adviser from Copperstone Capital today and see how we can help increase the value of your business and position it for sale.

Got an unsolicited offer?

Time to break out the champagne – NO! Many unsolicited offers go nowhere and you have spent time and effort just to educate a competitor about how you do business.

Yet, handled right an unsolicited offer is just the catalyst that can help a sale process get YOU the maximum value possible.

The secrets of handling an unsolicited offer include:

  • Be careful not to handover confidential information in the exploratory stages
  • Make sure you have another potential buyer in the wings
  • Make the suitor explain their process.

Using an advisor is often key to getting a good outcome, but you need to pick an advisor that has some experience in handling these types of offers (see case study)

When it comes time to sell….

You want an advisor that has a proven process and can not just list and flick, but can help shape the business for a strong sale.

There are lots of actions that you as an owner can take in the six months leading up to a sale that can improve the business, even one month of working ON you business will see a result.

Copperstone Capital has a process (see below) that has been proven to deliver results.

We know that selling your business is a high stress operation and can get emotional at times. We have been there and we know that controlling the process is key. The principal, Oscar Jones has over 40 years of consulting experience and can help you navigate these shoals and get you safely into harbour.

So when you want to sell your business……


A strong and proven process…..

Case Study

The majority owner and Founder of a data and software business had decided to sell the business. He had an approach from a competitor company that would be a likely purchaser.

A senior executive in the potential purchaser, who was friendly with the Directors of company got approval from his Board to open discussions with the company to explore the opportunity to purchase. At that time the business was valued by the accountants of the vendor at around $1.6m. The owner then approached me for help in conducting the negotiations.

After a review of the business, it was clear that a number of potential purchasers existed and that some of them would be able to accelerate the company’s growth above the current management.

After developing marketing collateral and running a closed auction process, the company finally sold for twice the initial valuation and to a different purchaser than the one who first approached the Directors.


Not planning your EXIT is like playing roulette, you may be lucky but the house wins the percentage.  As a founder, you can MAXIMISE your return with an Early Exit IF it is well planned.
Getting a great EXIT is like finding a minor road off the freeway when you are hurtling along at 110kph. Without a map you will be past the EXIT before you see it.
Example: Exit for $10m after 3 years is 238% return on your lost earnings, whereas a $100m exit after 7 years is just 107% return.
Most M&A advisors are opportunistic. They research the market and try to find a fit between a buyer and seller.
We are different.
We work exclusively with sellers.
We work to build an EXIT plan that will work for you.
We will tell you if you need to pivot to be able to EXIT.
We want YOU to win.


Most Founders have a rough idea of what they are going to do to exit.  however many Founders end up exiting because they got an offer.  Now getting an offer is EXCITING.

BUT many times that offer never goes anywhere, indeed the outcome of some unsolicited offers is the transfer of knowledge from the seller to the potential buyer WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT.

Knowing when and how you want to EXIT is part of the strategy, but knowing how to execute is also important, so whether you think your EXIT is tomorrow or 5 years away, the EXIT plan is critical to your success as a Founder.

We have spend many years perfecting the approach to selling, studying what works and what doesn’t, and we have modified the latest in Marketing to be able to MAXIMISE the price you receive for your start-up.

So don’t delay…..

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